I partner with people who are working to see every issue through the lens of equity and to deepen their accountability to building communities with justice at the center. Together, we can grow your capacity to work for change from a foundation of unconditional belonging and relationships rooted in mutual dignity.

“The discussions Briana facilitated helped us get to know each other in a deeper way, navigating complexities of race, gender, and sexual orientation with critical authenticity and respectful curiosity.” - Matthew Hamilton, Teacher, SW Youth & Family Ed Center

My Work

My roots in social justice go back to my family of origin and I’ve spent the past 20 years applying a liberatory lens to all of the work that I do. Whether addressing the impacts of trauma or building conflict literacy, I support individuals and groups to shift from a focus on individual problems to an understanding of systemic root causes and collective solutions.

My analysis and practice have been shaped by the leadership and mentorship of women of color who have guided me to look at every issue through an intersectional lens that centers those most impacted – while also building an expansive sense of mutual interest in addressing injustices across privileged and oppressed communities.

Justice Project Highlight

Best Starts for Kids Mini-grant Recipient:

For the 2018-2019 school year, BSK funded my Trauma-Informed Equity work with staff and students at Highline High School. I facilitated the Staff and Student Leadership Teams that met monthly (adults) and weekly (students) throughout the year to explore approaches to equity, healing, restorative practices, and visions for school change. These teams deepened their awareness, rebuilt trust between students and adults, organized multiple school-wide events, and mobilized energy and commitment for the work to continue into the next schoolyear.

About Centering Justice

Oppression and trauma create cycles of violence that leverage the impacts of harm towards the recreation of further violence and injustice – while obscuring systemic root causes. Oppression encourages us to take out our pain on ourselves and those closest to us and to assimilate into systems of unequal power. Privilege encourages us to numb our empathy, target others with less power, and take advantage of structural inequities.

Through the process of coming together and finding common cause, members of both oppressed and privileged communities can reconnect to authentic dignity, individual and collective self-determination, and centered accountability – and find incredible healing through taking action for change. It is through reweaving the work of organizing, education, and healing that we can create the most holistic avenues towards wellness and liberation.

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