“Briana is a brilliant teacher and facilitator who embodies the liberation she fights for. She brings depth and humility to her work, and empowers others through her words and actions. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching with her over many years and have seen her consistently produce transformative change with individuals and collectives. I can't recommend working with her highly enough.”
- David Treleaven, PhD,
Author of Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness: Practices for Safe and Transformative Healing

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Briana for almost 3 years now, in two different high school settings. In that time, I’ve gotten to learn from her as she brought deeply meaningful and engaging professional development on trauma-informed practices in teaching. Briana has the unique ability to do what is hands down the most challenging part of professional development: help adults start to shift their mind-set. Briana is frank without being offensive, honest, transparent, and weaves storytelling with research and experience as she teaches.”
- Susannah Woehr, NBCT,
Renton High School Assistant Principal

"I have had the gift of being apart of and witnessing the transformations that Briana makes possible. With care, curiosity, and loving boundaries, Briana led us through the mess and fracture, all the while building practices and making sure that we saw each other and ourselves with the innate dignity and brilliance that we all possessed. Our team saw each other deepening in how we listen and develop relationships with each other at work and outside work. Briana has a very calm, thoughtful, and dignified presence that draws people to them. She has an intrinsic ability to read people and sit with them where they are. She will offer a question, invite you to reflect, and propel you to open up about what has felt delightful, what has felt difficult, and how do you want to unfold and practice towards the person, leader, and life that you are longing to create and become. Briana, with precision and consent, will bring you face to face with yourself and the wonder that you are, and ask you to go on the much needed healing journey and to know that you have always belonged and that you are not alone."
- Metasabia Rigby,
Collective Justice (formerly at Powerful Voices)

“Briana approaches difficult and often triggering topics with warmth, and invites vulnerability, genuine connection, and healing into the space. In my role, I had the opportunity to participate in Briana’s training at least 5 times, each time walking away with new insight and understanding. One of the things I appreciate most about Briana’s style is her ability to adapt her approach and material to meet the needs of participants in the moment. YouthCare and the Youth Worker Institute have grown and benefitted from Briana’s kind, gentle, and thoughtful leadership.”
- Byram Simpson, BSW
Training Program Manager, YouthCare

"Briana created space for us to have vulnerable conversations that enabled people to connect to their purpose and a shared vision for our work. She provided us with theory as well as practice. Our team felt safe to explore our tendencies and trusted her to lead us through difficult discussions."
- Kate Tibone
Executive Director, Powerful Voices

“What I learned in this group was how as a small group of students we shared many common struggles that we deal with everyday and I see this now with my peers around me all the time. It made me realize how we’re not only “students” but we’re human as well. I also learned a lot about working with adults, reaching out, and making movement happen. I learned that whatever you want to change can change if you put the effort in it. I really valued the safe place – It was a place where we were able to be vulnerable and I thought that’s something that other students should be able to have. The guidance that we got from Briana I also valued a lot – made me learn how to always look at a problem as a whole and not only one side. I feel like I grew as a leader in a way that I didn’t expect.”
- Student,
Trauma-Informed Equity Leadership Team Member, Highline High School

“Briana provided an effective balance of theory, embodied practice, and inspirational discussion. The trainings offered our teaching team a shared vocabulary to identify trauma responses in our students' behaviors, and our own. This allowed us to address moments of conflict and crisis in the classroom from a shared starting point. The embodied practices Briana taught helped us address these moments in a more centered way, with mutual connection and greater aliveness. The discussions Briana facilitated helped us get to know each other in a deeper way, navigating complexities of race, gender, and sexual orientation with critical authenticity and respectful curiosity."
- Matthew Hamilton,
Teacher, SW Youth & Family Education Center

“I really can't say thank you enough for your investment of time and hard work with our team a few weeks ago. We are so appreciative of your willingness to adjust your schedule and planning to address our needs and dynamics as they came up in real time.I can confidently say that your thoughtful intention and facilitation resonated with each one of us in a meaningful way.”
- Retreat participant

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