Through training, facilitation, coaching, and consulting I offer educational opportunities that foster the next level of developmental change for you and your work.

I partner with:
  • Human Services Organizations
  • Youth-serving Non-profits
  • Middle & High Schools and School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Foundations, Businesses, and Government Programs
  • Community Groups

Workshops, Trainings, and Public Speaking

~Available as one-time, 3-6 hour workshops, as well as multi-session skill-building series and keynotes

  • Trauma Informed Youth Work: From Healing Relationships to Just Communities
  • Trauma-Informed Practice: Skills for Providers
  • Restorative De-escalation: Skills for Educators and Service Providers
  • Transformative Conflict: Skills for Repair, Accountability, and Healing
  • Restorative Justice and Restorative Practices
  • Social Justice: Intersectional Skills for Social Change
  • Embodied Leadership: Cultivating a Healing and Empowering Presence
  • Trauma-Informed Organizing: A Healing Justice Approach for Social Justice Leaders

Programs with Youth & Schools

  • Solidarity Days: A Whole-School Approach to Student Voice, Community-Building, and School Change
  • Making the Peace: A Violence Prevention Education and Support Program
  • Peer Restorative Justice Program: Youth Leading Restorative Change
  • Restorative Circles in the Classroom
  • Professional Development for Staff

Conflict Support

  • Mediations with pairs and small groups
  • Conflict Repair Circles for groups
  • Training in Conflict Literacy and Transformative Conflict
  • Restorative & Transformative Processes for Survivors of Harm and Those Who Have Caused Harm

Organizational Development

  • Leadership Coaching: Individual and Group
  • Capacity-Building: Strengthening Relationships, Growing Teams, Enhancing Wellness and Accountability
  • Program Support: Improving Impact, Visioning, Implementation

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