I partner with people who are committed to big dreams and the daily grind, but whose work is being impacted by unaddressed or toxic conflict. Together, we can grow your capacity to navigate conflict in ways that strengthen relationships, improve team cohesiveness, and free up your power to make the impacts you most care about.

"Briana created space for us to have vulnerable conversations that enabled people to connect to their purpose and a shared vision for our work. Our team felt safe to explore our tendencies and trusted her to lead us through difficult discussions."
- Kate Tibone
Executive Director, Powerful Voices

My Work

I’ve spent the past 20 years exploring and implementing transformative and restorative justice processes that center relationships – inviting healing and accountability for folks on all sides of conflict and harm. I’ve found that when we can listen for areas of mutual interest, rooted in empathy for each other, we can cultivate the kind of safety, belonging, and dignity from which meaningful repair becomes possible.

I partner with organizations, schools, and community groups who are struggling to navigate conflict that comes up in the course of their work. As a trained mediator and restorative practices facilitator, I facilitate small group and pairs conflict repair processes and mediations, as well as provide training in conflict literacy and generative conflict.

Conflict Project Highlight

Recently as I was beginning to facilitate a two-day retreat for a youth-serving organization, conflict erupted in the room. It became clear that the unaddressed conflict amongst the team was too serious to override with the planned agenda. I shifted gears, facilitated a 1:1 mediation between two group members and spent the remainder of the retreat facilitating conflict skill-building and repair processes with the group. The tension was palpable in the room as we changed course, with folks uncertain about how to address their multiple conflicts so directly. By the end of the second day, the group had made significant progress and emerged more hopeful about their ability to move forward as a team.

About Transforming Conflict

Conflict is a part of life. It’s what tells us that there is a gap between what we want and what we are experiencing. At its best, it is an opportunity to learn more deeply about ourselves and others and to create new, more healing ways of relating, working, and living together.

At its worst, it becomes destructive and harmful. Most of us have ample experience with destructive forms of conflict – both in our intimate circles and in the world we’re surrounded by. And yet, I’ve seen that when we can build our skills to approach conflict directly and humanely, we can truly deepen our connections and commitments to each other and find freedom from the incredible drain that unhealthy conflict can be on our lives and communities.

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