I partner with people who are tackling the challenges of our time and who care about reducing suffering while increasing sustainability for the long haul. Together, we can grow your capacity to address the impacts of trauma and oppression and make transformative change more possible.

“Briana, with precision and consent, will bring you face to face with yourself and the wonder that you are, and ask you to go on the much needed healing journey and to know that you have always belonged and that you are not alone.” - Metasabia Rigby, Collective Justice

My Work

In 2014, I combined my background in the fields of trauma healing, social justice, and youthwork to create a curriculum and skill-building framework that forwards an innovative approach to the intersections of interpersonal healing, collective transformation, and systemic change.

Through training, facilitation, and coaching I have shared this framework with over 30 organizations, tailoring it to the specific needs of their work. The original framework is specific to youthwork and the other is more broadly applicable.

Trauma Project Highlight

“Transforming Trauma-Informed Practice: 5 Key Pivots Towards Healing Justice” - Panel keynote at Powerful Voices’ Reframing Healing and Resilience Seasonal Salon, August 2018

In this keynote, I shared key strategies to move from deficit-based, trauma-informed approaches with youth towards healing justice approaches that honor resilience, share power, center empathic relationships, understand systemic root causes, and leverage the power of intergenerational collaboration and collective action.

About Healing Trauma

The impacts of trauma often keep us stuck inside of powerful survival strategies. These brilliant strategies emerge as our will to live in the face of overwhelmingly painful experiences, yet over time, they can become some of the very things that confine us and make it difficult to live empowered lives.

Because oppression and unjust social conditions are root causes of trauma and violence, approaches to healing must move beyond the individual to engage the social context. When we are able to reconnect to our individual and collective resilience, honor the wisdom of our ways of surviving, and build a vision to move towards, we can heal our abilities to make choices that are truly life-affirming for ourselves and our communities.

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